A little vava voom for the eye!


With a classic or 2D look you can open your eyes with more curl, length and color. Both are very natural looking, the 2D gives you a little bit more dimension and fullness.


If the eyes are the window to the soul, why not give them an amazing frame!


Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo that fades with time. You aren't stuck with a shape that no longer suites you as time goes on! For those who need a little help with shape, to those who need it all, microblading is the perfect brow enhancement that leaves you feeling fresh and complete.

Power Brows

That little bit extra that gives you a more full finish.

Almost makeup like if you will. Still using pigmentation, just with a different technique. This look gives you a polished brow.

A combo brow is also a perfect mix of both Microblading and Powder for that complete brow look.

Lip Blush

Your fave lip color enhancement!


Gives you a lil'pop of color to keep your lips fresh looking. Add your favorite gloss for that extra vavavoom!

Lip blush is designed to give you a tint and is not a solid color. Solid lips can be achieved if that's the outcome you prefer.


Say good-bye to botox!

With regular treatments, microneedling will help those fine lines and wrinkles!


Microneedling is used to treat and improve conditions like a acne scaring, fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, skin textures, pore size, age and sunspots...just to name a few. Can also be used on stretch marks and surgical scars.

Treatments range from 3-10 depending on the area and condition of the area being treated.

Lash Education

Not your typical class!

Not all lash styles are the same, including volume. With over 7 years experience and using high end product, I am excited to educate and train lashstyle. From classic to hybrid to volume, I believe everyone wants a look to compliment and enhance their eyes. This course is designed to help with knowing what to do with each client, while keeping the integrity of their natural lash in mind.

A little business plan never hurt either! With tips on how to start, what to do and not to do.....let me help you get started to build your own empire!

Hair removal



A 'sweet' alternative to waxing...sugaring is another form of hair removal! Done at a shorter length, and using the same paste for the duration of your appointment, means less pain and longer lasting results.

spray tan

Looked like you've been kissed by the sun, even in the winter!

Beautiful colour with Sunnatan Organic Tan brightens your skin and leaves you with a touch of Bronze!


My name is BeBe and I believe that every woman should feel confident all day, everyday. My goal with every client is to enhance what they've already got!



about me.

BeBe started her business with waxing and tinting in the Okanagan, where she grew to love the beauty industry. Starting her business in 2010 she has grown to specialize in Lash Extensions and Microblading.

"My ladies are already beautiful, I just enhance what they already have! Knowing I can help make someone feel better about their appearance or help busy moms be ready to go is a pretty good feeling. Helping one woman at a time appreciate her beauty is the biggest reward"


Next step will be to master the Powder Brow!


I just want to say that Brenda has done my lashes for years- they are stunning and I get compliments daily:) she is truly an amazing professional- with an eye for beauty. People stop me on the street- to tell me I have beautiful eyelashes. She just did my eyebrows as well last week- I am amazed at how they create such a real, natural, striking effect- I highly recommend her!!!! It's truly amazing what she does.

Amy K.

Calgary, AB

I just had microblading done by Brenda, my brows look amazing!! She is so easy to work with, very professional and so friendly! I am so happy I went to see her, I have had so many people comment on how great my brows look as well, can't wait to go back and see her again!!

Christina T

Calgary, AB

Brenda is absolutely amazing and extremely talented! I've been seeing Brenda for lashes for over 2 years now and will not go anywhere else! I recently had Microblading done and it has been a life changer!! I highly recommend Brenda for all your lash and brow needs!!

Erin T.

Calgary, AB

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